Spring and Neap

Brian Keats, the long learned Antipodean Astro Calendar producer and sage to biodynamic growers, reminded us this March about Neap and Spring tides. We have both this month. I’ve always thought that central Victorian autumns are better than springs. They last longer, for one thing. The soil stays warmer, longer, after the heat of summer and the slant of the sun has some very serious radiation value. We also embrace the last warmth, knowing what’s ahead. And then there’s figs, pears, apples. And preparation for new plantings, seeds, cuttings. A lovely time to be gardening.

The March notes are now posted. See you at our garden meeting on March 5th. Come to discuss the future of our garden, including Spring and Neap. Or just to learn how to prune a few things in your garden.

We are having a few water issues in our garden at present, so please tap the tank before you turn the tap on. Not our pump, directly, but it still needs replacing, given funding. Lets hope for a  good Spring Tide comes soon.

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