Nice pair

We had a good meeting in the garden on Sunday. It was too hot for pruning afterwards. Although lunar rhythms aren’t so beneficial, and it’s getting late for summer pruning, I’ll be at the garden this evening for an hour or so from 6pm and tomorrow morning at 8.30.  If you aren’t so confident in tackling your own trees, come along and have a play. Some of the trees won’t need much of a cut at all, since they had a good snip last year.

Notes from Sunday’s meeting will be out soon, plus an updated garden roles list – thanks to everyone who has nominated for a task so far… Meanwhile, some dates for your diary:
– Maintenance working bee Sunday 2 April at 9.30am for an hour or so (tool and equipment stocktake, assess what needs doing, etc;
– Garden meeting Sunday 2 April 11 – 12 noon
– Membership day and birthday – 21 May (stay tuned for more info)

Also there are still some pears available from our pick – I will bring them to the prunings. We got quite a nice crop, especially the Buerre Bosc. The espaliered Corella pears are still a bit away from being ripe enough to pick. Pears will ripen off the tree. The trick to knowing when they are ok to pick is when the stalk comes away easily from the branch. Take good care when picking your pears – and apples – since damage to their permanent fruiting spur will affect production evermore. Probably why we don’t see many U-Pick pome fruit enterprises?!

And speaking of late, I finally got round to planting some autumn and winter veges. I’ve talked about the seed soaking method before in an earlier post. I think it saves up to a week of inaction (and hoping you are keeping the seedraising mix moist enough without blasting the seeds out with too heavy a spray of water) and potential pesky critter attack. The chinese greens emerged in a day! I soaked the seed for 24 hours before sowing and there they were the following day. Amazing. Lettuce is next and the peas are sprouting today. They still have a bit to get through before they reach the plate though.

See you in the garden.

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