The second spring

I view autumn as another (better?) spring; the flush of growth, good growing conditions, very pleasant conditions for being out in the garden and, hopefully, less watering. And in Newstead, it usually lasts longer than spring proper!

We are certainly into autumn over this past week. So time to get active if you want to eat through winter and spring, and get perennial herbs, trees and shrubs planted. It’s also peak time for the biodynamic activities, such as spraying out BD500 and making compost. See the planting notes to see when is the best time. Don’t forget to order your preps if you haven’t already! BDV have just put out their autumn newsletter with an order form.

The April Notes are now posted. See you at the shed on Sunday at 9.30 (don’t forget daylight savings ends) for our little stocktake working bee, followed by a quick garden meeting at 11am. There may even be some spuds to harvest and share. Corella pears and heritage apples will also be worth a look at.

And here’s some pics of another recent garden visitor  ….

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