Join us on May 21 for the garden’s septenary

Our garden turns seven this May.

Our ‘Membership Day’ is on again, but it’s not just for members this year. Download the flyer here.

Come along and have a wander through the garden (it’s been a fantastic autumn for growth, and not just the food plants!) and meet other gardeners, have a cuppa, cake, and hear from presenters Cassia and Caroline. The theme is ‘pollinators and produce’.

Cassia Read is a plant ecologist turned garden designer, now in business with her artist sister Anna. Her home garden is a lovely example of how cottage gardens can incorporate natives, be beautiful, very productive and also have lots of ‘biodiversity’, i.e. soil organisms, insects, invertebrates and birds, making a better garden for all of our species.

Caroline McLaren is part of the food business Konjo Mama, providing Ethiopian fare from a bright, new food truck and keen to source some local produce to produce it.

Join us to renew your membership, or a start a new one. We have a ‘non-active’ friends and supporters membership, along with the individual plotholders one, so you don’t have to actually be in there digging, but can still receive the benefits of produce excesses, knowing whats happening in the garden, and getting tips and resources (BD preps, garden notes, etc) for your own home garden.

Plus there will be an Ethiopian lunch available to purchase.

May also means compost. The big BD heap will happen on May 28. Compost making isn’t just chucking a heap of green waste down the back or in a black/green bin. Come along and discover how to make humus. If extra keen, you can help collect some ingredients the day before.

At all these garden events you will most welcome, and well fed.

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