Getting the garlic, and maybe some new members?

Brian and Helen at Gordon grow great garlic. Joan and I visited today, to buy some, in readiness for our fundraising planting at Ron and Julia’s tomorrow. We picked up 3kg of Australian White, already sprouting and wanting to be planted, plus a kilo of Spanish Rojo (the variety Penny Woodward recommended for us after our garlic lurgy).

Brian was very generous with his info and experiences – Harmony Organics have been growing commercially for 5 years and grow nine varieties, plus they value add – smoked garlic (sweet!), processed garlic and other specialty lines for restaurants and market-goers. Planting spacing, dealing with weeds and bed rotations, how they make and use their compost were just some of the things he talked about. Thanks Brian and hope you eventually got to have your morning coffee! (Sorry about the poor phone pics.)

Ron has ploughed the beds a second time. Goodbye more weeds. We have the garlic, dynamic lifter, string line (so we can plant straight and better find the garlic to weed and harvest). All that is required is garlickers. Hint. Meet at the garden at 10.30 to gather for garlic planting.

And another reminder about our membership day on May 21. Enjoy the garden even if you don’t want to join up. We are on the lookout for more members too. We’ll be one of the groups at the Volunteers Expo from May 8-14 at the Market Building in Castlemaine.

You will also know it’s Jerusalem Artichoke (aka fartichoke) season. Gen passed on this neat recipe from The Saturday Paper. (there’s also one that omits ’em). Come along tomorrow and get some artichokes though; there’s plenty to share!

Finally, the levee bank. It matters to our garden, obviously. There’s a Shire Session 10 May 6.30 – 8.30 at the community centre. They are talking of an upgrade but how will that impact on our garden and the local vegetation? And, obviously, flood prevention.



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