May Days

A brilliant autumn break means there’s no excuse not to be planting and out and about in the garden this month. Go for your greens!

To help guide your gardening, the May Notes are now posted. I reckon May is probably one of the most active months – you are trying to get the last of your autumn plantings in before the soil cools too much for any vigorous establishment growth (or any growth!), plus you are trying to deal with all the crop residues from summer, pick the last of its harvest, feed the soil and compost ….

I’ve been asked a few times this past week about the ratios for stirring BD500. Schools of thought differ, but for hand stirring, Peter Proctor recommends 15g of BD500 in 34 litres of water. You can read more here about how to do it. We’ll get some stirring going at our compost day, while the heap is coming together, so you can find out more then…

Yesterday was a fine day for getting the bulk of our fundraising garlic planted. Moon descending, in a root sign and the Moon opposite Saturn should all augur well for our crop. It was a little muddy though …  We will try and get the last kilo in this weekend. Thanks Julia, Joan, Julie, Mary, Angella & co. Our system improves each year!

Please pass the word about our membership/birthday on May 21. Also respond to our member survey, thanks to Megan.

And another mayday – we need mowers (ie verb, not noun) when things dry out a bit …..

Enjoy May’s fine garden.


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