Birthday thanks

Our birthday gathering on Sunday was very convivial, lots to eat – quinces featured heavily, plus there was ‘our’ community garden birthday cake (recipe gifted from Barwon Heads Arts Garden in the beginnings).

You will never go hungry at a garden event!

Thanks to Cassia Read for advice and encouragement on how to create a wildlife friendly garden that incorporates all types of plants (we learnt about buzz pollinating, amongst other things) that are edible, native and exotic. Cassia explained how a plant ecologist with a pHD in mosses turned into garden designer, and shared her thoughts and approaches on garden design.

Thanks to Caroline for giving us an insight into the Mclaren’s Konjo Mama journey and sharing the delicious results. Maintaining familial and cultural links with Ethiopia has certainly led them to new experiences and enterprises.

Thanks to new and renewing members and our stalwart supporters. And to the church folk, our neighbours and landholders.

Also thanks to the last RTC granting round, we can now afford to purchase a new pump which means more than one, or maybe two, taps can operate at once at decent pressure. Pretty vital for a community garden.

And we are looking forward to some more additions to the garden, come the summer heat, thanks to federal government funding.

Rosemary Gardener was in residence at the recent Volunteers Expo at the Castlemaine Market Building. Rosemary turned up to our membership day as well, to coerce new and renewing members.

Winners of a free membership from both events were Gabbrielle Kerr (garden survey), Julia Nutting (closest broadie count) and Chris Hooper (closest pumpkin weight). No-one guessed the seeds correctly, even giving quite a wide leeway for genus only, not species; the closest was six of the nine right, so unfortunately no membership reward there.

And we shall be asking for all those cake and pie recipes for the garden website, since one can only eat so much at one time, despite one’s eyes being bigger … and also wanting to leave room for Konjo Mama …

2 thoughts on “Birthday thanks

  1. Donald Bellamy says:

    Glad you had a great day. Sorry I was not able to stay and enjoy the cake. Next year…

    All Saints’

  2. janet barker says:

    Glad you could pop in even briefly Donald. There will be more opportunities too, no doubt. Thankyou.

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