In between the Weather, we made it after all

Thanks to the garden die-hards and those that don’t read emails on a weekend, we managed to create a pretty good heap earlier today (I also learned that that weather patterns also differ quite a bit in the local area!).

Thank goodness we did, since the afternoon got even colder and moister. But we have quite a nice construction now. More photos to follow. Thanks Megan for these.

We even had keen composters turn up from Sydney, via Kyneton, via Ernst and Rosie (BD Vic) and from Ballarat, via our Facebook page.

Megan and Nathan did a fantastic job on the organising, collecting, and also the soup front. We got it built quickly; the weather and active helpers obviously a factor.

There’ll be a few sore bodies tomorrow I suspect, including those who shovelled the poo yesterday. We still have heaps of materials. So if you missed out this weekend, there’s always another opportunity. The small bays need a bit of attention too, so maybe next Sunday ….

Thanks to Megan, and to those who provided resources – besides Powlett Hill’s vital offerings, the RTC provided large amounts of leaves, the Church provided wormwood and other floral cuttings, the cafes gave eggshells and food wastes, Joan gave sawdust, horsepoo and mowings, and there was more …. And especially to the compost creators.

We should have very nice results, come October/November.

If you are passing the garden in the morning or evening from mid-week or so onwards, look out for rising steam!


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