Winter is here. Enjoy its influence

In winter, the bones of the garden become evident and it is a good time to think about garden design, planning and plantings, readying new beds and creating plant structures and supports.

Winter is also pruning time for brambles (remember primocanes and floricanes) and other berries, as well as fruit trees (big cuts, for structure and vegetative growth). Time to transplant/plant many deciduous plants, included bare rooted fruit trees and roses (and rhubarb and artichokes). Feed citrus now if you are lucky enough to grow them.

Plus mulch and protect your garlic.  We’ve just completed that activity (well, nearly) for our fundraising garlic at the vineyard. We used well rotted grape ‘wastes’ (skins, stalks, seeds) – much quicker and easier to apply (and light to shovel!)  than straw mulch. The dark color may help give warmth when it’s needed and the garlic should have no problem pushing its way through at the expense of other weeds. Cockies love nipping off garlic shoots, so we’ve made some inroads on netting as well. Thanks to Julia and Phoebe and Ron.

The June Planting Notes are now posted, for more tips on what to do in the garden this month, plus Brian Keats nominates the best gardening day for the month….

Perhaps more compost? Thanks to NIgel for these photos from Sunday.

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