Steaming heap, and the garlic

Not many people get excited about the smell of a transforming compost heap, but I do. I could smell action from outside the gate this afternoon, even before sighting the steam coming from it.  And yes, that is a bit tragic.

Anyway, it’s definitely heating up and has already slumped a bit. I won’t go on.

And there’s the garlic update. Somehow, very inexplicably, draping netting reminds me of weddings (can I possibly blame Princess Di?). Maybe I shouldn’t go on there either.

Perhaps see you in the garden on Sunday, if you’re game, for more composting or even planting some prison-grown seedlings.

3 thoughts on “Steaming heap, and the garlic

    • janet barker says:

      No, you just leave it for 4-6 months – it’s covered in a straw ‘blanket’. Transformation generally happens right through the heap if you get the carbon and nitrogen ratios in line. We also make smaller cubic meter composts that do get turned and are ready in 6-8 weeks, but for a community garden we need lots of compost.

  1. margot says:

    I am with you Janet…..just love to see the compost brewing or uncovering the worm farm and seeing so many happy worms creating the most wonderful growing helpers for the earth. It is a shame the earth has been destroyed so much when all the soil looked like a bio-dynamic soil once….maybe we can spread out across the land eventually on behalf of this wonderful sustaining earth of ours

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