Positive Pressure

Thanks to Peter from S&P Machinery in Maldon we now have a new shiny pump installed at the garden. Should take the pressure off us gardeners, and increase it on the   garden.

Peter had a look at our system and suggests we would have been better off with larger pipe when we had the system installed (small pipe = more friction = loss in performance). There are ways to improve the flow – putting in a bigger line from the pump to  the central tap (and/or others) so that we can get really good pressure on one or two connections, making sure the system is “closed” so that the pressure equalises across all the taps, or redoing the lines with bigger poly.

We probably won’t know ourselves with this new pump, so perhaps we should see how it goes this summer, before we make any decisions or actions on the system.

Thanks to the Newstead RTC who provided funding towards the purchase of this much needed piece of equipment at the garden.


And on other things Maldon, the Maldon Neighborhood Centre are running a regular group for Herbalists, or at least those interested in growing, using and herbs. See the flier for more info and book with Amy at the MNC.


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