Heat stress

On a day like today you will have sorted out  your human and animal, home and property protection ahead of the fire weather and heat. But have you considered your garden?

A heat/fire plan for the garden is just as vital I reckon. I think it’s hard to put a value on the wealth of a big shady tree in summer (walk down Panmure St on a hot day and you will feel the benefit of transpirative – as opposed to evaporative! – cooling from dozens of hundred-plus year old elm trees). Let alone productive plants you may have coddled and cajoled into health and harvest. Plus all the other living things that are relying on that plant, including microbes, insects, birds, invertebrates, etc, etc.

Our garden should be ready, hopefully, for today. Watered last night and early this morning, sensitive plants have been draped with anything on hand (netting, shadecloth, curtains, sheets, etc) and foliage sprayed. It’s too late to get water on if the hoses (or poly irrigation line) are sitting  in the sun all day/morning – you’ll scald your plants. Everything is pretty well mulched. Light colors – mulch and shade materials will help reflect sunlight and heat.

There’s more info on dealing with and preparing for heat in this earlier post, including the affect on plants.

Hope you’re lying low, somewhere cool, and your garden manages through the day as well.

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