About Us

The Newstead Community Garden and Produce Exchange was one idea which sprouted from the Newstead 2021 Summit, held in May 2008.

In September 2009, we turned the first sod for our garden and sowed a green manure crop. In May 2010 we launched the garden and began growing food.

The Newstead Community Garden aims:

  • To connect our community through gardening, sustainability and educational activities
  • To generate a culture of sharing, accessibility and sociability
  • To promote water use efficiency
  • To encourage seasonal, healthy eating and local food security

The garden has individual plots and communal gardening spaces. It is based on organic/biodynamic and permaculture principles. We also aim to incorporate artwork by local artisans, to make the space beautiful, as well as productive.

Our produce exchanges are held on a monthly basis, in Newstead’s main street, outside the Red Store. Local gardeners share their excesses from the garden and catch up on local happenings.

Design of our Garden

Hamish MacCallum from Meridian Land Designs worked with us to produce a concept design for our garden. Still a work in progress, the garden has been developed in line with permaculture principles. As such, it is based around the mandala design, to maximise productive space and allow for the development of 12 individual plots and 8 common garden … Continue reading Design of our Garden

Garden History

Read the earlier post about the garden history and Richard Marks here: https://newsteadgarden.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/a-hint-of-history-and-a-community-legacy/ The documents about Richard Marks can be downloaded below: newstead history garden2 newstead history garden3 newstead history garden4 newstead history garden5 newstead history garden6 Newstead township parish map and some of them also viewed here:

Art in the Garden

We’ve set up these pages to highlight our arts project, and to provide a continuing connection for the artists, community members and gardeners involved. Some background ….. ….begins with a visit to the Barwon Heads community garden in 2009/2010,  inspired by the beauty, function and productivity. Art is incorporated into every part of their garden, … Continue reading Art in the Garden

Earlier Galleries

This is the site for our garden, in February 2009, in the pics below. Enjoy the transformation of sheep paddock to the verdant garden above in the following images. More recent galleries can be found via the Gallery tab on the About Us page.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sheilagh Kentish says:

    Thanks to Gary Bunn for the introduction to this jewel in Newstead’s crown. I had some very dear friends who used to live in Newstead a few years ago, and I have spent many very happy times in the area. I am so pleased about your Community Garden. I am with the Ballarat Community Garden and feel we should establish a few links between us! I would love to see how the ‘garden is growing’ and hope to make a visit very soon!
    Look forward to meeting you, and thanks, Gary!
    best wishes

  2. Mary says:

    Very nice to hear from you Sheilagh, and thank you for your kind words – we think Newstead’s a bit special too! It would be great to connect with you & the Ballarat garden. I’m sure we could learn much from your experience.
    Kind regards

  3. Andrea Adams says:

    Hi I have visited the garden a few times and love it. I’d love to get involved with working bees and perhaps own my own plot if there is some space available. I’ve found membership forms but thought I’d check first.
    Kind regards
    Andrea Adams

    • janet barker says:

      Hi Andrea, we’d love to welcome you to the garden. Best to catch up on site so you can see the space and have a chat. Let us know when suits.

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