Art in the Garden

We’ve set up these pages to highlight our arts project, and to provide a continuing connection for the artists, community members and gardeners involved.

Some background …..

….begins with a visit to the Barwon Heads community garden in 2009/2010,  inspired by the beauty, function and productivity. Art is incorporated into every part of their garden, as well as in specific projects, like the artfence.

Click here to see a slideshow of the Barwon Heads Garden and Arts Fence.

Newstead is home to an array of quality artisans.  We wanted to bring them together, to help us create a unique place of beauty, to publicly acknowledge the creative talent of our community.

Initially, we wanted a central arbour to espalier our pears and create a garden focus. It was only after talking with Neil Tait, ironworker and sculptor, that we saw how much more we could aim for if we were to involve local artists in the garden.

We’ve had a (growing) wish list for some time, this includes pieces as simple as signage for our heritage fruit trees, through to a grand gateway entrance, from plant supports through to a basic kitchen, and many more.

The list grows as we spend more time in the space!

We don’t expect this project to grant all our wishes. But we do see it as an opportunity to bring some creative input into the garden design and to bring some of these ideas to life.

The project’s core art outcomes are to create seating and a table, a pizza oven and a central arbour and have designs developed and costed for a number of other projects.

We may be able to stretch our funds to create more than these core features. The overall aim is to come up with a number of designed and costed ideas. We will have a selection panel assess them for artistic merit, structural aspects and against the design brief we have developed.

The designs will be exhibited at the Pocket Gallery in November. Selected designs will be constructed and we will celebrate with an unveiling in December.

And so to the project……..

Art in the Garden Photo Gallery

Images from the project: Early Inspiration – Barwon Heads The Palette – Newstead Garden (in Summer) The Beginnings – Artist Workshop 24 July, 2011

Arts Project Information

Some useful documents: Background Info Newstead Community Garden Suggested Calendar for Newstead Community Garden Members Design Brief

Second Workshop 14 August

We had another lovely day in the garden on Sunday 14th August, with 16 people attending and a few new artists. After the session, we now have five distinct groups/projects, each with a lead artist responsible for it. The idea is that we will have an overall theme (and so not end up with a ‘christmas … Continue reading Second Workshop 14 August

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