Art in the Garden Workshop on 24th July

Janet Phillips from Sustainability Victoria helped us to bring together local artists and start the ideas and thinking around garden art and community.

We had around 20 participants, mostly artists (some who are also garden members) representing a wide array of practice. And plenty of food (and cake) to assist the thought processes.  From the day we have a better idea of the sorts of projects which may be possible and the people and skills who want to work on them.

A wish list of possible ideas was developed:

  •  a seasonal art wall
  • pizza oven
  • shared table
  • use logs from the river cleaning to create seating, tables, sculptures, sculptural seating, etc  (Maritsa)
  • ash trays
  • harvest festival CERES style
  • a few small seats near garden plots; to sit, rest, eat, reflect (Joan)
  • portable frames for outdoor art show during the c’maine garden festival (Joan)
  • use 2 inch pipe as a frame for sculptural edging around paths/garden beds (Joan)
  • sound garden – moving in wind, pipes, sticks (Diane)
  • central arbour
  • seating
  • metal fencing between plots (Siena)
  • artpiece based on the way couch grass grows which can incorporate many styles branching off in different directions by many people (Bob)
  • artworks made from aluminium cans opened up, using rivets – both sides of cans- color and silver…. (Bob)
  • cooking demonstrations (jon)
  • metal pea frames with designs on it (Ruby)
  • Pizza oven (george)
  • Bees – fenced area (George)
  • Seating – I have some potential metal frames (George)
  • Basic kitchen (Ann)
  • angels (Lucy)
  • Fireplace with pit for camp oven surrounded by stones/brick amd with seats of logs (Ella)
  • Small ephemeral sculptures with natural bits and pieces that may break down over time – then can be replaced and renewed – and hidden in the garden (Sally)
  • signage for cars – slow down for children and gardeners and encourage to drivers to park and walk to garden


Next Steps:

  • We will hold a follow up day on 14 August (1pm – 3pm) for artists to meet again and refine ideas, develop designs.
  • The design phase will continue until 4 September,  the closing date for submissions.
  • We will set up a panel of artists, community reps and gardeners to select the preferred designs.
  • Designs will be exhibited at the Pocket Gallery from Friday 5 November, with a celebratory launch that evening.
  • Construction phase will take place from mid/late September through to December, culminating in a solstice celebration and unveiling.

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