Second Workshop 14 August

We had another lovely day in the garden on Sunday 14th August, with 16 people attending and a few new artists. After the session, we now have five distinct groups/projects, each with a lead artist responsible for it.

The idea is that we will have an overall theme (and so not end up with a ‘christmas tree’ effect) and linking elements. The central arbour can provide that focus, or heart, for the rest of the garden art.

The groups are:

  • Arbour
  • Pizza Oven
  • Signage
  • Table and Seating
  • Entrance

Thanks to Horse and Roger who have measured the space for Horse to develop an accurate site plan which will be posted here soon.

Also thanks to Mary for following up about the redgum and willows along the river clearing-up. We will work with the contractors to identify suitable timber for our project. 

We also have a dedicated way to communicate via technology (and Mary will organise getting a session on how to blog/use wordpress for those who are interested, care of Geoff).

Next important date is 4 September to have concept drawings ready to present to the group for discussion, costed (and sited) if possible and a list of material requirements.

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