Design of our Garden

Hamish MacCallum from Meridian Land Designs worked with us to produce a concept design for our garden.

Still a work in progress, the garden has been developed in line with permaculture principles. As such, it is based around the mandala design, to maximise productive space and allow for the development of 12 individual plots and 8 common garden areas. Additional individual plots are located around the edges, to cater for the growing interest from gardeners.

There is a balance between annual and perennial plants, as well as productive and aesthetic spaces. Some consideration has been given to the context of the site – the backdrop of the church buildings and the redgum and peppercorn trees on site. Space for contemplation and play have been included. A material delivery area is located near the main driveway entrance for ease of access.

Flowforms and a pear arbour form a central feature, surrounded by a herb bed, growing biodynamic herbs such as chamomile (as a lawn) and valerian.


From a bare paddock in 2009, to a productive patch in 2017:

See a map here.

One thought on “Design of our Garden

  1. Saide Gray says:

    I rolled up on Friday to assist others in digging out some paths at Newstead’s Community Vegetable Garden. Imagine my delight and surprise to see our design already partly in fruition with a large circular path and by the end of the day there were some irrigation piping around the perimeter and four taps around the site.

    I just spent Friday digging some paths and checking out the chocolate soil. It is very pleasant having soil like that to put fingers and a spade into. The design looks great as it comes into reality. It is not yet two years since three people first sat together at the N2021 meeting and talked about making a community garden. Quite thrilling to see all the work on so many projects that has emerged from one meeting!

    There are also some comments and questions about governance and plot allocation on the Newstead2021 Blog that may be worth thinking about. See

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