Earlier Galleries

This is the site for our garden, in February 2009, in the pics below. Enjoy the transformation of sheep paddock to the verdant garden above in the following images. More recent galleries can be found via the Gallery tab on the About Us page.

Making Biochar, June 2014

Garden member Anthony Santamaria shares his enthusiasm for biochar in this workshop. See the steps to create the final product, from go to whoa. Find our why ancient cultures lauded this substance and how it can benefit your garden. You can view the slideshow or see a gallery of single images.

Vice-Regal Visit July 2012

The Honorable Alex Chernov AC QC, Governor of Victoria and Mrs Elizabeth Chernov visited our garden as part of a two-day tour to the Shire. They spent time in Castlemaine and Maldon and then Newstead’s volunteer-run Rural Transaction Centre, the Courthouse (home to Newstead & District Historical Society) and Community Garden. The Governer and his … Continue reading Vice-Regal Visit July 2012

May 2012 Compost Making

International Compost Week has been a successful one in our area with Mount Alexander Shire supporting five well attended events. Ours was a perfect day for compost construction – cold enough that it was imperative to keep shovelling, raking and making – and eating – to stay warm. Thanks to the 30 or so participants … Continue reading May 2012 Compost Making

Shared Table Dinner March 2012

Chef Charlotte Duckett’s ‘Shared Table’ was a sell-out; 50 diners enjoyed a brilliant Autumn evening, candle-lit garden, long table under the ancient pepper tree and a four course menu featuring the pick of the garden. Our main fundraiser for the year, the dinner helps pay our water bill. Thanks to Georgina Duckett for making it … Continue reading Shared Table Dinner March 2012

Penny Woodward Workshop March 2012

About 30 participants attended Penny Woodward’s workshop. Drawing on her lifetime’s experience growing herbs and useful plants, Penny outlined the steps to establishing a garden as a haven of health and harmony, not destruction. A pond in the garden is important. Penny showed us plants, including sage, thyme, oregano, marjoram, chives, aloe vera, savory,  feverfew, … Continue reading Penny Woodward Workshop March 2012

Budafest Presentation 2011

In Spring of 2011 we were involved in Buda Fest – a fundraising celebration for Castlemaine’s Buda heritage house and gardens. This is the presentation we made, based on the growth and development of our community garden. Since then we’ve had plenty of interest from other garden groups and organisations to share our story and … Continue reading Budafest Presentation 2011

Making Insect Pepper – March 2011

This past weekend – 19-20 March was a good one for making insect peppers, particularly for flying insects. A pepper is made to ward off  insects which are hammering your garden (or have the potential to) without resorting to chemical means. In biodynamics you collect and kill the particular insect (in the appropriate sun/moon phases) and burn them to … Continue reading Making Insect Pepper – March 2011

Summer in the Garden – 2010/11

Here are some recent pics from the garden; much fruiting, flowering and insect activity awaits the garden visitor. For a virtual wander, click on: summer1 summer2 We’d welcome your summer garden contributions as well.

Cosmos to Compost – August 22, 2010

Here’s a pictorial run down of the composting process from our workshop: Click on compost steps If you don’t have the materials to build a full scale compost, another method suggested by Celia is to make a manure ‘tea’ out of cow manure and water and suspend the compost preparations in it.

Sowing Green Manure 6 June, 2010

At the same time that we applyed the biodynamic preparations we also prepared some more garden area for plots. With a wait list of gardeners wanting plots, we will have more beds for Spring/Summer planting. The soil was cultivated and sown with a green manure mix of vetch, lentils (both legumes to improve nitrogen levels) and spelt … Continue reading Sowing Green Manure 6 June, 2010

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