Frog in the bed

Making the most of the opportunity of cooler weather in the garden today, though certainly not an auspicious planting day. However, it was wonderful to find a frog in the raised bed previously occupied by the Newstead Preschool. Made my day, but suspect she wasn't too happy. Popped her over into the spud bed (freshly fed with … Continue reading Frog in the bed

getting up to 400 - pizza hot

No pizza oven Friday tonight … but the garlic awaits

Thanks to Ron, Julia, Anthony and Erica, gardeners have been enjoying pizza, fortnightly, on Friday evenings. There'll be none tonight though, due to the heat and our chief Pizza Oven Operator being away. Next session will be Friday Jan 13, from 5pm-ish. BYO pizza toppings, drinks and chairs. And onto January - Newstead Live! is coming up (26 … Continue reading No pizza oven Friday tonight … but the garlic awaits



Called in at the garlic today - the plots are probably a fire risk. Anyway, the garlic is ready to harvest (and also the oats, barley and broadies). This pic is the best of the garlic I could find without implements. We’ll have to fossick, mostly, I suspect. Sunday arvo for a start on it? It’s … Continue reading Garlicking