Called in at the garlic today – the plots are probably a fire risk. Anyway, the garlic is ready to harvest (and also the oats, barley and broadies). This pic is the best of the garlic I could find without implements. We’ll have to fossick, mostly, I suspect.

Sunday arvo for a start on it? It’s projected to be hot, so let’s say 5pm or a bit before. Fundraising hasn’t been the best this year. Please come and have a scratch if you are around.

Are you ready for the heat?

Festival of Gardens 2016 and our vibrant community garden is brimming with flowers and plants

And I’m not just talking about the fire season. We’ve had a dream run into December with the mild spring and its continued moisture. It’s now time to get into the summer routine: this involves getting into the garden early or late in the day, mulching and protecting your plants, and watering well. You’ll find some pointers in the December Notes, now posted.

And on the fire season, the local CFA held their Open Day last Sunday, with some interesting presentations, including on social media apps to assist keeping you informed and safe. Chris and Gordon also went along to talk about “Talking Fire” and some of the discussions over the weekend. If you are interested, the website – – will have detailed coverage of the weekend, inc audio, visual, and audio-visual, just as soon as we can get it all up there on the Program page. May take a little time… but certainly mostly before December!

But back to the garden. If you are going away during the summer, please let your neighboring plotholder know, or other members so we can ensure things get a drink. And please check out the water roster if you are calling by the garden – even 5 minutes will make a difference to thirsty plants.

And it’s a bountiful harvest. We are still going on the broadies – here’s another recipe from Saide; an Ottolenghi one, so must be good! And there’s broccoli, strawbs, lettuce all over the place, rhubarb, herbs, globe artichokes, and whatever else might be hiding in the communal plots.

Saturday 3rd will be our last Produce Exchange for the year. Thanks to Mary and Lyn for keeping it going this year. We may look at reviewing it for next year (different time, day, place, location, event??)

Enjoy December in the garden – always a good place to escape to from the festive season madness.

Produce Aplenty

hard core composters turned out to build the early spring heap

Getting a little anxious about all that produce in the garden which will be soon getting past it’s peak. Picked a bit this evening (lettuce, broadies, artichokes, leeks, kale, silverbeet) and will set up a table at Newstead Rotunda Market (now run by Newstead CFA) tomorrow, by donation (have no float!) There’s also the unsold FOG pots and a few herbs (didn’t get round to picking) that can be offered up.
If anyone is around and can call by the market, that’d be great.
I don’t plan to get there with the CFA (at 7am!); it’ll more like 8.30″ish” for a couple of hours at most.

See you on the 25th when we can pick some more, and eat it together. There’s a lurgy in the system, so ignore the November 20th date – just come on the 25th!

Cup day week FOG

Festival of Gardens 2016 and our vibrant community garden is brimming with flowers and plants

We will take a few days off before opening again for the last weekend of the 2016 Festival of Gardens. The last two days have been typical spring climes – bright sun, massive wind gusts, heavy showers, clouds, mizzle, a burst of heat, heavy showers, repeat, etc.

The weather and mozzies have probably kept quite a few people away, even though gardeners are a hardy lot. We have met some lovely ones and they have loved our garden, and Frances’ Newstead Natives – which we have for sale over the Festival.

Round about 25 visitors today, and 20 yesterday, have all helped support our garden. Thanks!

I managed to visit “Serenity” in Hilliers St yesterday. A wonderful room-filled garden, each space with a different energy and aspect (you could spend the whole day following the sun or the shade around in Chris and Richard’s garden). Many interesting plants and propogations, plus vibrant fruit trees (envious of the Mulberry) and veges. Duncan the shetland pony; the source of everything good. I plan to get to Laceys and Roger’s Antares for a wander as well. We all have very different Newstead gardens.

We are open again to visit on Saturday and Sunday 5/6 November – and our produce exchange will be on as usual Saturday 5th outside Dig cafe 10.30 – noon. Pick up some produce and then call in to see where some of it comes from!



Nice first day in the FOG

Festival of Gardens 2016 and our vibrant community garden is brimming with flowers and plants

Today was lovely; gentle, very nice visitors. Mozzie repellents seemed to work, thanks Carolyn and co for that.

We had about 40 gardeners through, sold some plants and cuppas & cakes and Frances also did ok with her plants.

Hope the other three gardens in Newstead had an equally nice time.

And the first 4 strawberries tasted exceptional!

Festival of Gardens 2016 and vibtrant community garden on show

Thanks all the gardeners for today.

Wild weather may be coming! Good there’s not too many tomatoes planted out yet. Enjoy the FOG.

And call into the Newstead Railway Station to see what the Historical Society have created and curated.