Trying again on the compost front … and garlic update

weeding and mulching at the garlic fundraising crop

We didn’t get a quorum for compost building on Saturday (perhaps Sundays are a better bet for the garden, and the more usual thing?) And what would a compost quorum be, you might ask? More than Saturday’s, though Julia and I enjoyed coffee and cake and have made things more ready. Let’s try, for the fourth time, next Sunday 11am.

Compost is at the heart of every good garden and we’ve been making a large heap every year since the garden started in 2010 (usually as a workshop for non garden members; and usually well attended!). The big BD heap is a critical way to get enough humus back into the soil on an annual basis, especially for our large growing area.

The beautiful rain has been good for edible greens, as well as weeds (all compostable!). The garlic is a case in point. Mulch time, to avoid more continuous weeding. If you are passing the paddock, and have a little time to spare, please add some mulch to our growing fundraising crop. Garlic sets clove numbers during winter and fills them during spring (clove size), so care and nurturing during these colder months will set yield potential.

Compost Raincheck for Tomorrow

cold, damp, dull; a real central victorian winter

As much as I love compost building, Sunday’s forecast of 9 degrees, strong winds and up to an inch of rain have dampened even my enthusiasm for the activity.

So stay home in front of the fire with a good book and a cuppa, or somewhere equally warm tomorrow. The garden will wait.

We’ll try again next Saturday and see if that plan brings more weather … cold


Welcome weather, especially for weeds

winter in the garden

Growth normally slows in winter, but the wonderfully wet conditions have meant that winter crops – and weeds – are doing particularly well at the moment. Our garlic is a case in point (and spot the lentils amongst the images below). But luckily the weeds are still small and easily tackled with a sharp implement. I plan to get out and do some on Saturday afternoon, after the Produce Exchange (10.30-12noon outside Dig cafe). You’d be welcome to join me in Helen’s field for a bit of good post-voting therapy.

But weeds aren’t all bad. They are a valuable source of green material for compost and bring individual qualities to the heap. We have a lot of green material at the garden! So compost is on the agenda this month – Sunday 10th (a “root” day though the moon isn’t in the most optimal rhythm) is the plan for another big BD heap. Find out what else to do and plant in the garden this month in the July planting notes, now posted.

Brian Keats warns that the first week of July will be a cold one, so rug up if you are venturing out, and perhaps do something warming, like weeding!

a welcome bright spot in the garden

a welcome bright spot in the garden

Colder than, well, cold?

cold, damp, dull; a real central victorian winter

Yes, it’s lovely to have a real winter.

And fantastic that we had around 10 hardy gardeners and their offspring turn up on Sunday to help tend to our garden. Amazing, given the conditions. Thanks to Gen for getting up earlier to light the oven (as per Neil’s instructions, and perfectly) so that we were able to enjoy pizza. Thanks Angella for them, and all of the cooking. And to Mary for the hot cuppas and everything else. And yay to Louise for the salt and butter for the very, very, freshly dug then roasted spuds. All of us shared one fork, and with very dirty hands. Tasted absolutely wonderful.

Too wet to make compost, so stay tuned for the next action on that – but there’s plenty of makings about. And there’s still a bit to do in the garden. But things have slowed, being winter.

And this winter school holidays the FOBIF program is pretty lovely as well, for offspring and their relations.

Sunday’s Garden (at Newstead, not Heide)

a good tool is vital

Just a quick reminder about Sunday’s garden meeting and working bee.

We’ll be starting at 10 with a quick catchup over a cuppa – discuss where things are at with the garden, inc the festival of gardens planning, and other possible events and activities for the garden, plus just see where everyone is at with their plot or bit of garden- before we get stuck into the work.

Come for a little or long time – even half an hour will make a big difference in the garden. There are plenty of tasks, including helping plotholders in Quadrant 1 (Julia, Erica, Dawn) if they need it. But the day’s priority is to create compost. We have enough green material on hand to make a BD heap, and have just about run out of last year’s supply. So, all the mowing and weeding materials can go directly into the heap. Plus compost building is a good way to keep warm!

Although it’s a node day (at 5.10pm) it is favourable for compost building – the moon is descending and waning, and we’ll be just coming out of a “root” day. Also good to put out BD500…

And the pizza oven will be lit! Bring lunch makings. Cuppas provided. See you in the garden, Sunday.