Spring, well the first one, has been here a couple of weeks now. I’ve seen Early Nancy’s, Common Hovea and a few Gorse Bitter Peas flowering in the local bush, along with the wattles, and the orchids are pushing out flag leaves. Time to get out the ID books again!

It’s also time to get sowing seeds for summer, admiring the fruit blossoms and bees, mowing and weeding every few days. Don’t worry, it won’t last too long before the second spring is upon us – still mowing and weeding, but less frequently – and then there’s the watering, unless we get a nice spring downpour. Brian Keats is tipping some ‘Weather’ at the start of the month and again towards the end of the month’s full moon (which is also an eclipse, plus perigee moon). He also says that the moon’s range this month (at it’s minimum descent since last occuring almost 19 years ago)  heralds a time of accentuated barometric pressure and higher than average rainfall. Hope we see it in Newstead!

Today, Sunday 30th, is also a perfect day for sowing seeds – moon is opposite saturn, descending and moving from ‘root’ to ‘leaf’ via ‘flower’ day – and that’s what I’m about to go and do after posting this.

But for now, go to the September notes for planting and gardening tips. Don’t forget the Produce Exchange next Saturday 5th outside Dig cafe.

And anyone for spuds? It’s a good time to put some in.


We love the mens’ shed

_DSC0109And thanks to them again, and for a constructive project this time. We now have 80 cut and drilled lengths of large poly (plus a tour of the shed and much discussion) ready to install in the holes that Geoff and co dug on our working bee weekend.

Getting ready for the heat and birds. Though we love the  birds, just not them eating the lovely fruit (and we have planted – and will plant more – other things for them to enjoy, alone). It’s the same at the garlic crop, where the cockies enjoy wanton destruction, so that’s been poly-piped and netted as well.

So, to finish the job. Sunday 1-4pm at the garden, bring a good drill and/or fencing wire (size 8, says Ray from the Shed).

And not to forget the Newstead Railway Station Arts Hub Opening the day before, Saturday 3-5pm – it’s assured to be a big Newstead Event.

Spring into Spring – Sunday Working Bee

I know it’s not officially Spring yet, but there’s some sort of Spring happening – the sky is lightening, the wattles flowering, and it’s windy & showery & sunny – and even colder!

This is the idea for our structures, only the poly will be fixed into the ground, inside another length of poly ...

This is the idea for our structures, only the poly will be fixed into the ground, inside another length of poly …

To prepare for Summer (!) we’re having a working bee this Sunday August 16 from 3-5pm followed by pizzas. The main task is to get some structures ready for the fruit trees and berries so we can easily net – and also shadecloth – them for when things get hungry, and heated. This will involve digging some holes, obviously best done when the soil is relatively moist and soft.

The plan is to bury some large rural polypipe in the ground with a pre-drilled hole at the upper end. Then we can slide the smaller diameter rural poly (also with a hole) into the larger one, line up the predrilled holes, put a pin or cable tie through them and there we have it … protection, hopefully.

Clear as mud? Come along, dig a few holes, and see if it works!

All Aboard …

Newstead Arts Opening Flier

After almost three years, we have a newly restored railway station and a focal space for the local creative community. Sunday 29th August is the date for the opening. Come along and see the transformation, and exhibition. RSVP to Sarah on 0419 322 681.

Also there are still places available for the Backyard Bounty Food Growing Course, run by Growing Abundance and the Maldon neighborhood House. I’ll be running a session on BD compost building, as well as one on the basics of planting according to the BD calendar, including crop rotation.

BB Poster

26th July Garden Gathering

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to talk about plantings and activities once the weather warms and the days are long enough to find time to spend in the garden. We have changed the date of our winter get together to Sunday 26 July, 3-5pm. The previous date clashes with Newstead Rocket Science at Welshmans’ Reef Vineyard (Sunday 19th at 3.30pm) when Terry White will be talking about local climate reality, a topic of interest to many gardeners, and gardens.

So see you on Sunday 26th for a bit of gardening beforehand and then from 3pm for pizzas, conversation and planning for the warmer months. Imagine that. Warmth.

Also, thanks to the Newstead RTC we took delivery of a huge trailerload of green material, just starting to go a bit sloppy, but perfect for another, smaller, bd compost ….

… and also thanks to the Newstead Mens’ Shed for helping us with the first stage of the mosaic bench renovation/repair/refurbishment (another topic of conversation for July 26th). Frosts had undermined many of the ceramic tiles, making  the surfaces unsafe and dangerous. The shed blokes enjoyed a bit of wrecking, rather than building, and did it better than Whelan!