Pomodori Verdi Sott’aceto e Olio

Green Tomatoes in Vinegar and Oil

5kg Green Tomatoes
1/2 Kg good Celtic or Himalayan Salt
500ml of Apple Cider Vinegar
4 Tbsp Oregano – dried
5-6 Cloves Garlic
2 red hot chillies finely chopped

Choose only the freshest green tomatoes and slice into 1/2cm slices. Place in bowl and cover liberally with salt. Put a weight ontop and allow to stand for 24 hours.
Drain the brine and gently wash off the excess salt. Cover with vinegar, mix well and reapply the weight. Leave for a further 24 hours.
Squeeze tomatoes well with hands then place back into bowl and mix with garlic, oregano and chillies. Add 1 cup og olive oil and mix well. Place in sterile jars and cover with olive oil. Seal jars. Leave for 4-6 weeks.

Note: I used these tomatoes after 1 day and they were great – as a side to many dishes or in a salad, or alone with crusty bread and cheese. A very easy recipe which you will no doubt enjoy.



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