December Garden Notes 2011

With a gentle lead in to December, apart from one hot week, things look good for a summer bounty of produce. Not too late to plant summer crops such as tomatoes, zuke and cuke, pumpkin, eggplant, runner beans, capsicums and basil. I’ve just planted beans (which don’t tolerate the really hot sunny days) and a … Continue reading December Garden Notes 2011

November Notes

Weeding is always high on the agenda this  time of year. The soil is warming but summer vege seedlings are still small enough to be worried by any competition. Some judicious weeding now will reap rewards in a couple of months (although weeding seems to be one of those constant garden chores, akin to teeth … Continue reading November Notes

October 2011 Notes

Daylesford is about a month behind Newstead’s growth, maybe even more if the last week or so is a gauge. I’m still putting peas and kale in, whilst Newstead gardeners are probably thinking beans and tomatoes and other summer pickings. And I’m still losing on the slug and snail front, whereas the warmer conditions ‘up … Continue reading October 2011 Notes

September Notes

Well it’s time to get cracking. If you haven’t already got into action, don’t dally now; this is the month to be out and amongst it all. Digging in green manure crops, preparing soil for summer veges, planting spuds and other delights. Another crop of green leafys and salad stuff, sowing summer seeds. Compost making. … Continue reading September Notes

August 2011 Notes

Spring is just around the corner, still there’s plenty of late winter tasks in the garden. We are about to carry out our first of two treatments for leaf curl and brown spot on the stone fruit trees (can also be used for black spot on roses). We noticed last year – even though the … Continue reading August 2011 Notes

July 2011

Our slug hunt confirmed we have a slug infestation, along with a few snails, millipedes and earwigs. But lots of slugs! Cold and wet conditions and straw mulch are great for slugs. The night forage also had me thinking about nocturnal garden life and how little I know about what goes on in, under and … Continue reading July 2011

June 2011 Notes

Winter is here. While root veges like carrots, beets and parsnips revel in the cold and will taste sweeter than ever, most other plants are simply holding out for longer days and sunlight. Though onions can be planted now, as well as perennial plants such as fruit trees, vines and brambles. And of course, there’s … Continue reading June 2011 Notes

May 2011

Usually in central Victoria we’ve well and truly had the first frost for the year and this signals the brakes being applied to growth. Plant your successional crops closer together than you would in the warmer months (by days not weeks) to ensure constant supply through the season. Not too late for the broadies or … Continue reading May 2011

April 2011

The cold nights and shorter days are signs that winter is approaching and the end is nigh for late ripening veges. Think about composting and also utilising the autumn leaf fall – litter from deciduous trees can make a top potting or seedraising mix. Remember to harvest in the corresponding sign, eg. root day for potatoes … Continue reading April 2011

March 2011

Is it Autumn already? Seems we have hardly had a summer, with so much rain and humidity so unlike the dry scorchers we know so well. It’s been great for some vegs – beans have been fabulous, but not for others – tomatoes may have trouble ripening before the frosts and cold to come. I … Continue reading March 2011

February 2011

So far the summer has been relatively cool. Here’s hoping that we don’t get caught short by an early frost. As it is, some crops will probably struggle to ripen and fully mature before autumn hits. Even though it is still saladstuffs and summer veges on the dinner table, you would do well to start contemplating the … Continue reading February 2011

January 2011 Notes

Welcome to a new year of gardening. Thanks to Brian Keats for generously forwarding this month’s calendar to assist the community garden’s activities. Calendars can be purchased directly from Brian at or through Biodynamic Agriculture Australia. Please support Brian’s work. Happy gardening for 2011, may it be a source of both peace and inspiration. Gardening Dates … Continue reading January 2011 Notes

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