December 2012

Make sure you have your watering regime sorted, so that crops will receive their moisture needs through the month. Tomatoes are prone to problems if they have irregular or uneven watering – blossom end rot, where the base of the fruit blackens and becomes mis-shapen is a sign of this (imbalances in Magnesium and Calcium … Continue reading December 2012

November 2012 Notes

It has been a cool spring up until now, so seedlings have been slow to grow away from the slugs, snails, slaters and bugs, but in the community garden this week our strawberries are fruiting and other transplants are starting to gain ascendancy. Pull up any late perfoming winter crops – a waste of space … Continue reading November 2012 Notes

October 2012

Glorious spring! Besides sowing and planting, this month should focus on feeding perennials and biennials as well as mulching. And thinking about watering rosters as the season warms and dries. All of our berries and fruit trees and other perennials have been given a worm juice tonic and this will be followed by a foliar … Continue reading October 2012

September 2012

Spring! By the calendar, at any rate. Here on the Bellarine, the fruit trees have been blossoming since about the third week in August. But it is actually the cold period that is more important for fruit set in many fruit trees (and other temperate plants), not the warmth. They need a certain amount of … Continue reading September 2012

August Notes 2012

Almost spring … well the wattles are flowering, the sun is setting later … and it’s wishful thinking and still bitterly cold! But a good time to start sorting out your seed collection, perusing new catalogues and thinking to warmer season crops. Even if you have the opportunity to start seeds off early in a … Continue reading August Notes 2012

July 2012

Winter is certainly here. Despite the cold and damp, I find spending time in winter’s garden very enjoyable. It’s a chance to see the garden’s bones and imagine what spring and summer will bring – a perfect time to salivate over seed catalogues, plan plantings, transplant deciduous plants, move things, train and prune for structure, … Continue reading July 2012

June 2012 Notes

Plant growth slows in winter and there are less vegetable types to plant compared with the heady days of spring and summer, but gardening in winter is no less important. In my Daylesford garden, I’m eating the fruits of late summer/early autumn plantings and very glad I found the time to stick some seeds and … Continue reading June 2012 Notes

May 2012 Notes

Though I’m still picking tomatoes and corn in Daylesford, in Newstead and surrounds the chilly evenings and frosty mornings have just about put an end to that sort of activity. Powdery mildew has hit pumpkins and other crops. But if you’ve got some microclimates – sun traps, sheltered spots, etc. – in the garden you … Continue reading May 2012 Notes

April 2012 Notes

Make the most of the warm days and not so cool nights and get your veges in, especially the leafy greens which will feed you right through winter if planted now and into May. It’s  also a great time for planting herbs and perennials, shrubs and trees, and for striking cuttings of herbs and many other … Continue reading April 2012 Notes

March Notes 2012

A perfect start to Autumn. Take the opportunity (unless your garden is under water) presented by lovely moist soil and warm growing conditions. Makes for easy weed pulling! It’ll be important to keep ahead of the weeds as they germinate and grow this month. I’ll be glad to see the zukes slowing, the tomatoes ripening … Continue reading March Notes 2012

February Notes

A bit late posting these notes – I’ve been busy in the garden. A time of watering, harvesting, seed saving, sowing, pricking out seedlings, transplanting, preparing beds. And harvesting fruit from groaning plum and pear trees. Now is the time to be pruning apples and pears for fruit bearing next year. But if you have … Continue reading February Notes

January 2012

Happy new gardening year! This month the main task is gathering and harvesting, watering and thinking about which seeds to sow for autumn eating. Mulching, if you haven’t already. Garlic should be curing in a dark well ventilated spot, away from possums and dampness. So far, it’s been not too hot, so the beans are … Continue reading January 2012

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