July 2012

Winter is certainly here. Despite the cold and damp, I find spending time in winter’s garden very enjoyable. It’s a chance to see the garden’s bones and imagine what spring and summer will bring – a perfect time to salivate over seed catalogues, plan plantings, transplant deciduous plants, move things, train and prune for structure, dig up new beds, build things and create, and get warm in the process.

And weed, especially if you are growing garlic and other crops which don’t compete well with other plants. Come the wamer months, you’ll be glad you did because over winter garlic bulbs set their cloves and growing conditions (moisture, competition, etc) will determine the number. Come spring, plants will use their photosythetic energies to fill the cloves. So to grow great garlic, you need to maximise the potential in both winter (clove number) and spring (clove size).

Other jobs in the garden include strawberry care – pruning second year runners or planting new season ones, ditto your berry canes and also grapes. Another BD spray this month won’t go astray either.

And planting? More broad beans, onions of all types, leafy greens, perhaps some peas if you’re sure they won’t be flowering when there’s still frosts about, and not too late to improve soil or create new garden beds with an initial green manure, using cereals (wheat, oats, barley, spelt) and legumes (peas, broadies, lentils, chickpeas, fava beans) and a scattering of mustard seeds.

Gardening Dates for temperate areas of SE Australia:

Leaf Days: 1-3, 9-11, 19-21, 28-30:  bok choi, cabbage, kale, celery, coriander, endive, mibuna, mizuna, orach, rocket, tat soi, leek, lettuce, mustard, silverbeet, chard, spinach, chives, garlic chives, dill, parsley

Fruit Days: 3-5, 11-14, 21-23, 30-31broad beans, mustard, peas,

Root Days: 5-7, 14-17, 23-26: Beetroot, carrots, celeriac, kohlrabi, garlic, garlic chives, leek, bunching onion, onion, radish, daikon, swede, turnip,

Flower Days: 7-9, 17-19, 26-28: broccoli, borage, cauliflower,

Moon Opposite Saturn (considered a good date for sowing seeds, applying preps and planting, or 48hrs either side): 8

Node Days (avoid planting if you can): 1, 15, 28

Apogee (moon furthest from earth; less lunar influence):14

Perigee (moon clostest to eath; more lunar influence): 2, 29

New Moon/Full Moon: 19/4

Moon descending: 2-16, 30-31

Moon ascending: 16-30

Apply soil fertilisers, compost: 5-16

Prune, apply tree paste, take cuttings, plant seedlings: 5-7, 14-17, 9-11

Apply foliar fertilisers: 1-2, 20-30

Graft: 17-19, 26-28

For more information on the astro planting dates (and where to get your own calendar) see the Gardening Notes page.

Dates are a guide for these particular crops. Timing will vary from region to region (particularly with climate change) and even within a garden’s own microclimates. Of course, rainfall, weather conditions and your own schedule will influence when you garden.

2 thoughts on “July 2012

  1. Genevieve Barlow says:

    Thanks for the notes Janet. I suppose it’s too cold now to plant garlic but I notice that some of the garlic planted in our garden has been planted as bulbs rather than being divided into cloves and planted. Is it too late to up haul them, split and replant them? Perhaps this has already been done.

    • janet barker says:

      Maybe dig up one and see how easy it is to separate them and also how well the roots have developed? If it is going to cause too much damage and disruption, perhaps better to leave them in the ground and then replant whatever comes of the harvest next year. My guess is that the plants will only produce a single clove/bulb from each clove, if that, because of the competition. Conditions are cold and slow though, so replanting impact may be minimal. Might be interesting to leave some and see what happens. Perhaps Penny Woodward may have a better clue?!

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