July 2013

 A run of frosty mornings is normal for this time of year, especially with clear night skies and little rain on the radar. Most winter crops are adapted to these sort of conditions, but it’s still a strain on plant growth to have that cycle of freezing, thawing and bright sun (or cloud and chill) … Continue reading July 2013

August 2013

The unknown and the unexpected, the constant learning and the fact that every season is different, or that every crop seems to respond differently, is all part of the joy and pleasure of gardening for me. Of course this would be tempered if my life or livelihood depended on my garden’s harvest! It’s a luxury … Continue reading August 2013

September 2013

Hello Spring! The ground is moist, the days are lengthening and all’s well in the garden, at least once some weeding is done and beds prepared for sowing. It’s a busy time in Newstead because our spring is usually short and sweet, but not without the odd frost (keeping gardeners wary about planting warm season … Continue reading September 2013

October 2013

Weeding anyone?! It’s a fantastic time to be out in the garden and plenty of jobs this month. A quick compost is worth more than a thought – all those weeds are also rich sources of nutrients and will help in soil building. Crops and fruit trees are growing rapidly and new growth will benefit … Continue reading October 2013

November 2013

What a Spring! The community garden is leafy and lush, with enough silverbeet to feed a small island nation, the new strawberry runners starting to fruit and the peach trees showing every sign of another good crop, fingers crossed. It has been a cool spring up until now, so new seedlings have been slow to … Continue reading November 2013

December Notes 2013

How is your garden growing? November – and spring generally – has been quite mild, but we’ll soon forget that gentle lead into summer! The cool start for our Newstead garden means that seedlings have been slow to get away, even raised under cover or glass because the soil is still warming. Tomatoes in particular … Continue reading December Notes 2013

June 2013

Winter is a wonderful time to be in the garden, not only for exercise as you turn that compost heap or make a new one from autumn’s leaf fall, but to watch and tend. Growth is slowed but you’ll still reap leafy greens and root vegetables if you get planting now – think seedlings of … Continue reading June 2013

May 2013

The normal May planting guide probably won’t work this month. After all, it should be late autumn. You know, frosts, freezing cold nights, short but still, sunny days, and wet. So I’m not sure what planting notes to post. In fact these days I’m wondering if we should be experimenting a bit more with our … Continue reading May 2013

April 2013 Notes

Autumn is my favorite time in the garden and easter is no exception. But after a hot start to autumn and no sign of a frost (touch wood!) things feel a bit out of whack with tomatoes, pumpkins and zukes still flowering. Normally I’d have a crop of greens in, a green manure, and even garlic … Continue reading April 2013 Notes

March 2013

Finally a bit of rain in the last few days  after a long and hot time between drinks. Take advantage of moist, warm soil to start seeds and seedlings. Weeding will be an ongoing task this month as well. Not such a good year for tomatoes, by all reports, but the ones I’ve been eating … Continue reading March 2013

February 2013

It has been a confusing time for plants – blasting heat in January halted growth and some plants were dramatically set back. Now it feels autumnal – still warm days and cooler nights. Not the norm for February. Here’s hoping the tomatoes and other summer fruits will have enough warmth left in the season to … Continue reading February 2013

January 2013

Happy New Gardening Year. I reckon that one of the best aspects of gardening is that each year brings new learning, new challenges and delightful anticipation of what the year – and the season, or crops – might bring. And there is the constant appreciation of nature and her beautiful complexities; joy in bringing a … Continue reading January 2013

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