May 2013

an unusual sight in Newstead in May

An unusual sight in Newstead in May!

The normal May planting guide probably won’t work this month. After all, it should be late autumn. You know, frosts, freezing cold nights, short but still, sunny days, and wet. So I’m not sure what planting notes to post. In fact these days I’m wondering if we should be experimenting a bit more with our crops and timing and planting.

But here we go again (head in the compost?) and hoping that May will be an “average” one. If not, feel free to plant whatever you like, whenever – as long as it’s in the lunar phase of course (maybe larger astronomical forces won’t be as changeable, until the next meteor or something). This month a couple of eclipses – solar (visible over northern Aust, PNG, Solomons) and lunar (seen in Sth America and West Africa) and Brian Keats suggests a bit of wild weather with them.

The planting trials continue this month. And did I mention compostingDSC00043

Usually at this time of year it’s well into broad beans, greens and thinking about onions. Get that green manure in asap and compost with all the autumn growth and fall. Yes, well…. And here’s to rain, from the sky.

Gardening Dates for temperate areas of SE Australia:

Leaf Days: 6-8, 15-18, 23-25  : bok choi, cabbage, kale, coriander, endive, mibuna, mizuna, orach, rocket, tat soi, lettuce, mustard, silverbeet, chard, spinach, chives, garlic chives, dill, parsley

Fruit Days:1-2, 6-10, 18-20, 25-28  : broad beans, mustard, peas,

Root Days: 1-3, 10-13, 20-22, 28-31  : beetroot, carrots, celeriac, garlic, garlic chives, bunching onion, kohlrabi, leek, onion, parsnip, radish, daikon radish, swede, turnip

Flower Days: 3-6, 13-15, 22-24, 31 : broccoli, borage, cauliflower,

Moon Opposite Saturn (considered a good date for sowing seeds, applying preps and planting, or 48hrs either side): 9 

Node Days (avoid planting if you can): 10, 24

Apogee (moon furthest from earth; less lunar influence): 13

Perigee (moon clostest to eath; more lunar influence): 26 

New Moon/Full Moon:  10 (Solar Eclipse10.28am)/25 (Lunar Eclipse 2.25pm)

Moon descending:  1-13, 26-31

Moon ascending:  13-26

Apply soil fertilisers, spread BD500, compost, prune, take cuttings, plant seedlings: 1-3, 10-13, 28-31 (then next best 6-8)

Apply foliar fertilisers, spread BD501, graft:  13-15, 22-25 (next best 16-18, 24-26)

Considera Planting Trials: 8-12 and 25-27

Dates are a guide for these particular crops. Timing will vary from region to region (particularly with climate change) and even within a garden’s own microclimates. Of course, rainfall, weather conditions and your own schedule will influence when you garden.

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