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We have 15 individual plots and also welcome garden supporters who would like to join as a ‘Friend of the Garden’ supporter member. As a garden supporter you can be a less active – but no less important – member. There is no onus to participate in gardening, but you would be most welcome as well. Choose your level of support ($25/yr or more) and stay in touch with garden activities, join us for workshops and social gatherings, receive garden excesses, and enjoy being a part of the garden.

If individual plots are all allocated we can put you on a waiting list till one becomes available and join us as a ‘digger’ in the meantime.

We now have several raised beds specifically designed for gardeners who have physical or mobility issues – either 500mm high beds for wheelchair or scooter bound gardeners, or 800mm – 1000mm beds ideal for standing gardeners who find it difficult to bend and kneel.

For more info, contact, or peruse our guidelines and membership details below.

Or call in and visit us at the garden …

And sign up here to receive regular news and updates ….

Garden Membership

For general information on how the garden operates, click on the link below, or download it: Membership brochure

Membership Forms

Join up as a Plotholder, Digger or Supporter by completing and submitting an online membership form. It can be found here: Payment details are included on the form.  Please read and sign off on the garden guidelines in conjunction. You can also renew if you are an existing member.  

Garden Guidelines

The garden has individual or group plots and communal spaces. It is based on organic/biodynamic and permaculture principles and also using water efficiently. We encourage the use of biodynamic composts and organic (certified where possible) mulches and inputs to enrich the soil, conserve water and suppress weeds. Only certified organic and certified biodynamic soil can … Continue reading Garden Guidelines

5 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Gary Bunn says:

    Dear Fellow Gardeners,
    I was fortunate in meeting Mary Park at the October meeting of the Rocket Scientists and she directed me to this website. I am on the eve of retirement and intend road testing my old touring bicycle to the limit and this will include regular rides from Smeaton to Castlemaine. What better place to bother a rake and rest on a shovel mid-ride than the community garden?
    Are non-Newstead residents eligible to become members of the community garden?
    Yours in lettuce,

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Gary,
    You will have noticed that we’re still working on guidelines for Getting Involved but I’m sure there will be a category to suit you. We don’t intend excluding anyone! At this stage we envisage different levels of membership. There will be some individual plot holders, some who garden communal plots & maybe a ‘friends’ category.
    We’re planning a campaign to let people know when we’re ready to take memberships so watch this space. I will put you on the email list of potential members as well.
    In the meantime feel free to drop by the site, enjoy some shade and see what we’re up to.
    Happy cycling,

  3. Gary Bunn says:

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your response and I look forward to participating in the community garden in an appropriate capacity depending upon the frequency of my visits.

    This is The Life!


  4. Grant Inverarity says:

    don’t like to be pedantic but your Dec. sowing guide is saying 2013. (I wish) Could you please tell me why the 22-24,31,3-6, are good times for grafting? Pity our Naracoorte community garden isn’t BD.

    • janet barker says:

      I wish too! Thanks for that Grant, I copy the planting format, but not the specific details from earlier posts. Just being lazy. Grafting by the biodynamic calendar is best done on a waxing (growing larger) and ascending (getting higher in the sky) moon, plus in a “flower” sign. I should add you probably wouldn’t be grafting fruit trees this time of year (Jul/Aug better) but you might be budding. Be nice to visit your garden, but a bit of a way away. Thanks.

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