Guava or Feijoa

This covers the guavas we have growing near the peppercorn tree, including pineapple (feijoa) and strawberry guava. Not sure how much longer we’ll leave them there because they are perpetually getting cut back by frost (they should grow as a shrub up to 4m). An evergreen more suited to warmer climes, we may have to rethink where they grow. A popular permaculture plant, especially for hedging, the flowers are attractive, the fruit very aromatic and they bear nutritious fruit in winter when not much else is. A huge variety exists amongst this group of plants, not all are as tasty.


Autumn – Harvest late autumn and feed the soil with compost.

Winter – Harvest and trim back excessive growth. Prune after harvest or in spring if needed.

Spring – Feed, mulch, weed, water. Prune if needed.

Summer – Mulch, weed, water

Generally – Low mainentance but perhaps more suited to sheltered areas of the garden. Grown as hedging plants in many gardens. Flowering when many plants aren’t , so good for pollinators and other insects in the garden.

Eating – Very high in Vitamin C. Fresh, scooped out with a teaspoon. Jams and jellies.

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