Loganberry, Boysenberry

Loganberries grow like blackberries but look and taste more like raspberries whilst boysenberries have larger plumper blackberry-like fruit. They are both taste sensations but fragile, the reason you don’t see them in supermarkets or other outlets. Loganberry doesn’t grow as prolifically as other berries, in fact they are both less robust than raspberries or blackberries. Both have the same growing requirements.


Autumn – Prune back root tips or strike them in pots to propogate more plants. Layering or root division will also produce new plants.

Winter – Prune. Cut back all the old spent canes to ground level, tie up the new season’s canes and feed well with compost. Both berries grow like blackberries but are more fragile, so take care when bending them.

Spring – Loganberries will begin to ripen from late November through summer. Think about bird netting if they are under attack. Weed, mulch. Feed every 3 to 4 weeks with seaweed, wormjuice or compost tea diluted 10 to 1. Watering; longer and less often is better than a sprinkle regularly.

Summer – Boysenberries begin to fruit December through January. You may need to net them to protect from birds. Continue to tie up new canes as they grow and spread. Weeding, watering continues.

Generally – Both berries are sensitive to direct sun, so if they are ot getting some shade during the summer, it may pay to drape with shadcloth during the hottest part of the season. Tansy, marigold and the alliums (leek, garlic, onions) are said to be good companions.

Eating – Like strawbs, take them out of the frig before eating to let flavours develop. They make fantastic jams, jellies, tarts and pies.

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