More on Garlic

Penny Woodward loves garlic. You can tell by reading her new book “Garlic”, published by Hyland House. The byline: ‘an organic guide to knowing, growing and using garlic, from Australian Whites and Tasmanian Purples to Korean Reds and Shandongs’. See?

Penny visited our garden in 2012 when she gave a workshop on pest repellent plants. We listened and have since employed some strategies, with success. And know we could employ more of her suggestions, with confidence, observation and attention. Penny is also generous, donating her new book towards our garden fundraising efforts.

I love garlic too, so my review is biased on several accounts. But if you are looking for good information on garlic, then bypass Gooogle and get the book. The photographs alone are worth it. With such emphasis on getting Australian-grown (and organic or biodynamic) rather than imported garlic (and she covers that issue too) it would be well worth growing your own, guided  by Penny’s sage advice, if not buying from some of the case study farmers she features, or other locally sourced producers.

Not much of a review after all, but a very strong endorsement. I’m loathe to give this copy up for the lucky dinner guest!

See Penny’s website for more info and to buy it.

garlic harvest 2013/14

Our Flinders Island Purple (Tas) garlic from last season, used as seed for this year and hoping for bigger and better…


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