Persimmons hail from Asia and are a lovely looking tree in the deeps of winter when fruit is scarce. Divided into astringent and non-astringent types, the astringent types need to be left to ripen until the flesh is very soft and almost pulpy, whereas the non astringents can be eaten when still quite hard. I love the old-fashioned astringents – they make a good stand in for apricot jam and are high in Vitamin C.


Autumn – Harvest. Cut rather than pick the fruit and leave on a short stalk.Weeding and watering.

Winter – Give the tree a feed of compost. Prune now if needed but generally the plants don’t need too much, encourage a vase like shape.

Spring – Keep up the weeding because they don’t compete well. Mulch. Spray with seaweed.

Summer – Continue weeding and watering.

Generally – Not much to growing these trees, just enjoy the ornamental value as well.

Eating – See the notes about astringency. They are usually eaten fresh or dried and rarely cooked.

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