Produce Exchange

The idea of the exchange is to encourage interaction between community members wishing to exchange their glut of produce for something different.

The exchange is not limited to those who just grow fruit or vegetables, either. Past get togethers have seen a variety of items exchanged, including: eggs, cartons, seedlings, seeds, recipes, cheese, yoghurt, cakes, veggies, fruit, preserves and pot plants.

For those who lack the resources to grow food, exchange members welcome your visit with whatever you might like to contribute. Some (maybe wild) ideas for exchange include: bags of manure, bales of pea straw, old gardening or home ideas magazines, old cookbooks, jars for bottling preserves, paper bags, home made muffins for morning tea on the day of the exchange, oven mitts, aprons, spare pot plant containers – in fact anything connected with the production of, or interest in, home grown food.

The Exchanges are held under The Red Store verandah on the1st Saturday of the month, from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
See you there,

Liz Bell
54 762380

For a monthly report on our produce exchanges, see the Newstead Echo website.



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