More in May – on Sunday May 29th to be precise …

may at the garden and projects on the go plus weeding and garlic emergence

Just a reminder about our next big day out in the garden – next Sunday 29th May.

Neil Tait (Tait Iron, and maker of fine pizza ovens, including our own) has offered to come and show us how to operate the pizza oven properly (and will make us pizzas and some other non-pizza delights).

We will also unveil our new signage and refurbished benches.

And we’ll be collecting memberships, catching up, having a scratch and a bit of a communal dig (in quadrant four) whilst the food cooks.

Neil will be arriving 9.30am for a 10am start to give the pizza oven workshop. Pizzas will be ready for eating around 12.30pm and veggies and lamb shanks a few hours after that….

We are seeking some additional contributions to the day. Can you help?:

1. WOOD for the pizza oven – Neil says grey box or other box, or well dried redgum (no bark) – a barrow load or two, split if possible into 4-6 inch thickness

2. VEGES for roasting – spuds, sweet spuds, beet, carrot, pumpkin, etc … and a large baking pan … and foil to cover

BYO utensils to eat off/with, chair, membership fees. We’ll provide cuppas, food, etc. See you there.

And a quick mention of our garlic growing. The first lot we planted is well away. The second and third lots, just starting to peek through. I took the advantage of good soil conditions and a mass germination of weeds, to do a bit of hoeing this morning. Weeds at this size are so much easier to takle with a sharp implement.

Soil building with BD

sidereal rhythm

Today was ideal conditions to put out BD500 – wet, overcast, moon descending (and we’ve just had a new moon and a perigee), also a “root” day.  The moon will start ascending tomorrow and also waxing, so it was the last chance until later in the month (26th-31st). No harm repeating things then, perhaps.
Thanks to Carolyn and Lyn for helping spread the good stuff. We applied it copiously to all of the garden and also to Helen’s field where the fundraising garlic is planted (with a bit more to plant). After the last couple of days, both spaces will be pretty happy. And a bit more rain would be the bees’ knees.

Garlic, new ground, a lovely time

garlic 2016 fingers crossed 007

Leon ploughed the paddock last evening in the last light. We planted some of our last harvested garlic this morning in fine company and good tilth. A bit more space left, so we’ll pop a bit more in later this week (perhaps with a spray of BD500). The cosmos was also almost in tune with us.

Thanks Dawn, Gen, Suzie and David, Angella and Ella, Julia, Neil. And Helen, Leon. Fingers crossed, etc.

May the Garden Grow

wbee 30 5 2016 006

The arrival of May means the community garden is another year older – six years old – and it’s also time for membership renewals.

We are looking for new enthusiastic and active gardeners to join us. Enjoy the special space, good soil and water on tap!

May 29th is Membership Day. Come along and renew your membership, become a new member, meet other gardeners, find out how the garden works and what’s there to be done, enjoyed, shared, and just get inspired about gardening. From 9.30am am till 3pm; cuppas and cake provided, the pizza oven will be fired up for lunch (BYO toppings).

We have 15 individual plots (at least two are currently available) and also welcome keen gardeners who would like to join as ‘digger’ members (garden in the communal plots and general garden area, and share the harvests, stay in touch with happenings). You can also become a less active – but no less important – member by joining as a supporter or benefactor. See the details here.

If individual plots are all allocated we can put you on a waiting list till one becomes available and join us as a ‘digger’ in the meantime. We have several raised beds specifically designed for gardeners who aren’t able to bend or kneel.

The May Gardening Notes are also planted, posted – whether you are a member or not.

We had a very productive and congenial day in the garden at our last working bee on Saturday. Thanks to Dawn, Carmen and Angus, Lyn, Sally, Gen, Megan, Mary and Geoff, Louise, Saide, and all the offspring associated.

Don’t forget the Produce Exchange on the 7th, and for other events see the sidebar, or subscribe to the calendar. Or contact us at

And it’s Autumn, really it is


Normally by now I’d have a crop of greens in, a green manure going, and even garlic and broad beans planted. But still awaiting the prolonged summer vege harvest. Eggplant have been hardy and promising, tomatoes short and very sweet. Zukes and pumpkins still offering flowers. Things have been very micro-climate (and water) dependent. It’s a bit confusing. But most of our garden survived the summer blast, which arrived in October last year. We’re still accommodating, reacting, hoping. Being optimistic, which gardeners tend to be; awaiting the next season and what it might teach, reward. Thinking what plants should stay and what might not.

But our Chinese Quince are looking promising, and the birds haven’t found them yet.

So, the April Notes are now posted, not with huge confidence, but assured of lunar and planetary  influences. Also at our last working bee (quite productive, thanks to the gardeners and especially Dawn) people were asking about the pomegranates which are looking pretty good. There’s more and added info about them here on the Crop Notes page – along with notes about all our garden crops, but that’s probably due for an update too. Along with our recipes pages. A hint?!

We have rescheduled our Neil Tait wokshop til late May, in part because the fire restriction season has as well, but also because we’re not quite prepared. We hope you will be by then too, to come and partake of pizza oven makings and to learn how to make them, and fire the oven, as well.

Stop by the next Produce Exchange outside dig cafe on Saturday 2 April, bring your excesses from the garden or pantry, or just come and catch up. We’re still working on the working bee areas in Quadrant 2 till the next working bee in late April.

And enjoy Autumn’s garden, at last.