Netting and Shading

Thanks to Dawn, Carmen, Angella & Des, Lyn and Julie we have gradually covered the fruits and berries over the course of this week … just one more peach tree to net. I could hear the cockies overhead yesterday evening, squawking and scheming – and probably swearing!

The shadecloth isn’t exactly the neatest or most attractive job, but it will serve its purpose, especially protecting the west part of the garden from the hot sun in the afternoons as it sinks low in the sky and sets behind the levee bank. Future native acacia plantings along the outside fence line might be a longer term solution.

We still have a bit more to do to get the garden ready for the heat – composting and (heavy) mulching of all the communal beds and anywhere else there’s bare soil.

Keeping up the water to our well laden fruit trees will also be important over the next few weeks. But if the taste of the loganberries and boysenberries is any indication, it’ll be worth all the care and attention.

Happy World Soil Day for Saturday! Did you know 2015 has been the Year of Soil and this week Global Soil Week? Jeannie Clarke from Warracknabeal has been advocating for soils all year (and much longer) …


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